Frontier’s Public
Policy Activities

Our Responsibility

Frontier actively participates in the U.S. political process to ensure that its interests as a telecommunications leader and large employer are appropriately represented.

Frontier maintains an oversight process to ensure that its political activities are conducted in a legal, ethical and transparent manner.

Board Oversight and Compliance

The Frontier Board of Directors has oversight responsibility for our regulatory and legislative affairs and receives reports on these matters on an annual basis, or more frequently if needed.

Frontier’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides further guidance to our employees on issues related to political involvement, doing business with the government, and political contributions.

public policy activities

Frontier’s Advocacy Activities

Frontier engages in regulatory and legislative affairs to monitor and participate in the public policy-making process at both the state and federal levels. Information related to its federal activities and associated expenditures are reported to the U.S. Congress in accordance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 and can be found on this Senate website.*

In 2021, Frontier reported the following lobbying-related expenditures:

2021 Q1 $82,967
2021 Q2 $82,967
2021 Q3 $82,967
2021 Q4 $111,729

Local Lobbying

With respect to state and local lobbying activities, Frontier adheres to all state and local lobbying laws requiring registration and reporting. While Frontier does not engage in lobbying activities across its entire 25 state footprint, additional information can be found by visiting the following state’s disclosure websites:

public policy activities

Policy Position

Frontier’s interest in participating in these groups may extend beyond issues related to advocacy and include, education, customer relations, and the opportunity to discuss technical or safety issues. Frontier may or may not agree with every public policy position that these associations advocate, but Frontier actively participates in influencing the policy agenda of any group of which it is a member. Frontier’s total dues expenditures related its participation with these groups range from $1 million to $2 million on an annual basis. Frontier does not make contributions to these organizations beyond its annual dues obligations.

Frontier does not participate in any organizations that draft model legislation.