How to Record Shows Using Frontier DVR Experience

If you're a Frontier TV DVR customer, here's how to use your remote control to record and watch shows. You can also set recordings from the FrontierTV app.

To record a show that is currently playing:

  1. Press the RECORD button on your remote. The show will start recording from the point you started watching.
  2. Press STOP to end the recording.

To record a show airing in the future:

  1. Press the GUIDE button to display TV listings.
  2. Use the arrows to scroll up and down to find the channel.
  3. Scroll to the right to find future times.
  4. Select your show, and press the RECORD button.
  5. The red dot that appears on the program listing confirms your recording was successfully scheduled. If you need to extend the recording, press the RECORDED TV button to highlight your show and press OK.

To record an entire series:

  1. Press RECORD a second time. Three red dots will appear confirming the series is set to record.
  2. Press Record one more time to cancel.

To make changes:

  1. Press the RECORDED TV button and scroll to the Series tab in the onscreen Recordings menu.
  2. Click OK, then scroll down to your show.
  3. Click OK for options to make changes.

To watch a show you've recorded:

  1. Press the RECORDED TV button on your remote to launch the onscreen menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select your recordings and press OK.
  3. PLAY + PAUSE, lets you play and pause both recording and live programming.
  4. You can pause a live program for up to 60 minutes and you can continue watching live or recorded programs in another room.
  5. Pushing REPLAY lets you jump back seven seconds on a recording.
  6. SKIP moves you forward 30 seconds. You can also use the regular rewind (REW) and fast-forward (FF) buttons.

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