Understanding fiber internet

Network cables

Fiber internet can send data over the internet at 70% the speed of light. This incredible feat is achieved by using fiber-optic cables to produce a connection of about 1,000 megabits per second. This system of transmitting information creates the fastest high-speed internet available and offers low lag time.

Although the use of fiber optics to create residential internet connections is a newer system, the technology behind fiber-optic communication has been in use for decades. The first fiber-optic cable was laid across the Atlantic in 1988, helping improve telephone communication. Now, an increasing number of internet packages offer fiber internet connections to millions of customers.

Those exploring their internet options and what different internet service providers can offer should investigate the potential of fiber internet. We’ll cover:

  • What a fiber-optic network means for your Wi-Fi
  • How the system works
  • Benefits fiber internet offers
  • What makes fiber internet different from other internet connection types, such as a coaxial cable connection

How standard internet works

With a standard internet connection, through DSL internet or cable, your internet connection transmits information over the same type of cables as those used by your television or phone. This existing structure transmits data to and from your technology along copper wires. While this system has helped build an internet infrastructure that reaches nearly all Americans, it has its speed limitations.

The benefits of fiber internet

Fiber internet offers internet users a host of benefits. If you’re considering an internet plan that offers this newer form of connectivity, see how the following benefits might improve your internet experience.

  • Fast internet speed. Your internet service will offer super-fast speeds. You will get faster uploads and download speeds, and that means you won’t have to worry as much about disruptions or lags in your internet activity — whether you’re saving critical documents in your company’s cloud or attending meetings over video conferencing software.
  • Improved video and game streaming. The fiber-optic network creates an internet experience that makes streaming videos and games even more enjoyable. Graphics in games will load nearly immediately, and no one will be subjected to frequent pauses while streaming their favorite shows.
  • More reliable. The fiber optics used to transmit information are more reliable than copper wires. This can make it less susceptible to damage and interference. Overall, those taking advantage of this form of the internet should experience fewer outages.
  • You will experience little distortion. With the internet speed, power and reliability of the fiber-optic network, you will see your internet come through much more clearly, even with multiple devices connected.
  • You will see improved bandwidth. With fiber-optic networks, you can experience the internet with a much higher bandwidth, which means everything from video conferencing for work to online gaming can run more smoothly. If you have a fiber-optic plan without data caps, you don’t have to worry about accidentally overrunning your data allowance and then receiving a bill the following month.
  • You will likely find it easier to open large files. The ability to open and engage with large files can enhance your work productivity and make it easier to work remotely.

How fiber internet is different from other internet connections

Although both fiber internet services and standard cable internet connections deliver the internet, they operate in fundamentally different ways.

Traditional internet comes through copper cables that transmit data. This system, while providing fast, reliable internet to large portions of the country, can’t provide the same uploading and downloading speeds that fiber-optic networks can produce.

The cables used to transfer standard internet, also known as coaxial cables, are easier to install and more widely available across large regions of the country. With a wider network and easier installation, most internet plans also list more favorable pricing options for this type of connection.

On the other hand, fiber-optic networks operate using fiber-optic cables. These cables transmit data by using a system of modulated light signals. The information contained within the cables can travel exceptionally long distances, very quickly and clearly.

If you are considering investing in fiber internet, you should note that to receive the benefits of this new type of connection and the fastest internet available, you’ll need to make sure your router and modem are fully compatible with the technology. Your equipment, therefore, will likely need to be updated before you can begin to use fiber internet. If you have questions about upgrading your equipment, your ISP can help you determine what you need.

Providers describe the process of offering fiber internet to personal residences, and replacing older forms of cable networks, as fiber to the home or FTTH. Customers appreciate the availability of faster speeds and improved internet quality.

Where is fiber internet available?

Many cities across the United States now have access to fiber internet connections. Those who want to enjoy the reliable, lightning-fast speeds that come with this internet type will find that many metro areas have it immediately accessible. Overall, nearly a third of the population has access to fiber-optic networks, and that number continues to increase as the infrastructure spreads.

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