Frontier cloud storage service

Frontier Content Anywhere is a cloud storage service for your photos, videos, music and documents. It stores them and automatically backs them up in a secure datacenter you can access any time, from any Internet connection so you can share files and edit documents from almost any device with an internet connection. Your data is safe and your files will be restored even if you lose your phone or damage your laptop.

Frontier partners with top providers in the industry to bring you the very best products for your Internet experience.

What can cloud storage do for me?

Cloud storage has three key benefits:

  • Constant data backup: Ever lose files in a hard drive crash? It’s not an experience any of us want to repeat. Cloud storage uses your internet connection to constantly transmit a copy of all your files, and keeps them updated as you make changes.
  • Secure storage: Once we get your data, we store it in some of the most advanced storage systems available, further reducing the chance of data loss.
  • Accessible almost anywhere: All you need is an internet connection. It’s really that simple. It assures that if you are suddenly in a new location, displaced by natural disaster, or working between multiple sites, your data will never be out of reach.

What is cloud storage?

With cloud storage, a copy of your digital data is stored on a remote data center. When you save files, such as photos, videos, music and documents, they are securely uploaded to a data center somewhere in the world (we keep this a secret on purpose). You can then access your files through a browser or on any mobile device with an internet connection.

This lets you access, edit, view and manage files from anywhere in the world. Cloud storage services also typically sync documents you share, so edits appear in real-time across all devices.

It’s important to choose a cloud storage service that works well with the devices and operating systems you use. Frontier Content Anywhere is compatible with computers, tablets and iOS or Android smartphones.

More benefits of cloud storage

There are many benefits to using a cloud storage provider like Frontier Content Anywhere over traditional data and content storage options. They include:

  • Disaster recovery: An online backup service can protect your valuable data. With cloud storage, you can still recover your files if a hard drive is damaged or if you lose your laptop. Frontier Content Anywhere can even restore your contact list from your phone, as long as that information is saved in your cloud storage. If you need to undo edits, our versioning feature lets you return a document to an earlier version. You can also restore deleted files.
  • Use less memory on physical devices: Shift those vacation selfies to the cloud and free up storage space on your phone. Store important documents in the cloud rather than on your computer’s hard drive.
  • Share and sync files: With syncing, edits to a document appear in real time across all devices. This feature is especially valuable to remote workers, who can collaborate on documents. You can also undo file sharing with a remove share function.
  • Instant access: Instantly access files stored in the cloud from unlimited devices.

Is cloud storage safe?

Yes, cloud storage is safe. This is especially true of Frontier Content Anywhere, which uses a state-of-the-art security solution to ensure that your information in the cloud is always protected. All data is encrypted while moving to and from our servers and while in place. Your data remains private, safe and secure even when you share it with friends, family or colleagues. We also protect your privacy, meaning your content is visible and accessible only to you.

How Frontier Content Anywhere works

For a small monthly fee, Frontier Content Anywhere is your secure personal cloud — allowing you to make the most of your digital content. All you need is an internet connection.

Here’s what you can expect with Frontier Content Anywhere.

Features of Frontier Content Anywhere

Wondering what Frontier Content Anywhere offers? Features of this online security solution include:

  • Access 100GB of storage capacity or upgrade if you need more file storage.
  • Our user-friendly interface and mobile app make it easy to save and sync content to secure cloud storage.
  • Frontier Content Anywhere offers collaboration features. You can collaborate, view, organize, search and securely share data.
  • Gain instant access from an unlimited number of computers, tablets and iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Share content with friends and family by email using secure links. Unshare it later if you prefer.
  • Frontier Content Anywhere has automatic sharing capability with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Cloud backup saves more than just your pictures and documents. It also saves contacts and messages so losing your phone doesn’t mean losing all of your phone numbers.
  • Undo mistakes with Content Anywhere. If you accidentally delete a doc, you can restore it. Unhappy with your edits? Frontier Content Anywhere lets you restore previous versions of the document.
  • If you have any problems, our Technical and Customer Support teams are available to help diagnose and resolve your technology issues.

System requirements for Frontier Content Anywhere

You can use Frontier Content Anywhere on different types of devices. Here are the requirements:

Desktop Windows/MAC Hardware:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 1GB Free disk space
  • x86/x64 CPU
  • Operating System:

    Desktop Windows 20.6 and earlier (Current Frontier Apps)

    Windows 8.1
  • Still available by Microsoft under special cases, but expect to be fully dropped soon
  • Windows 10
    • Only x86 and x64 supported by the app

    Desktop Windows for 21.1 and later (Frontier App after Upgrade)

    Windows 8.1
    • Still available by Microsoft under special cases, but expect to be fully dropped soon
    Windows 10
    • Only x86 and x64 supported by the app
    Desktop macOS
    • macOS 10.14 Mojave
    • macOS 10.15 Catalina
    • macOS

    Using Frontier Content Anywhere requires an internet connection with a reasonable bandwidth (your rate of data transmission). If your internet connection is slow, it may cause your system to be sluggish when you upload files or open your documents. We recommend a broadband internet connection with at least 192 Kbps of upload capacity. If you think your internet is slow, look into Frontier Fiber Internet, which uses cutting-edge technology to bring you fiber-fast speeds. Check to see if Frontier Fiber internet is available in your area using our availability checker.

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