Frontier Password Manager

If you’re like most people, you rely on the internet to do your shopping and banking, keep up with the latest news and provide a large portion of your entertainment through videos, podcasts and access to live-streaming shows and events.

Keeping up with all of those sites can be cumbersome, though. Each time you jump on a website or open one of your mobile apps, you’re required to enter a username and password. If you’re using internet security best practices, you create a unique password for each site, following all the rules regarding the use of upper case, lower case, numerals and special characters. However, if you’re like most people, you either end up spending untold hours in frustration resetting unique passwords because you’ve forgotten what they were or give up on best practices and instead create a simple and memorable password for multiple accounts — making you easier prey for hackers and identity theft.

What if there were a way to store passwords and then securely log in to all of your accounts with an easy-to-remember master password? With the Frontier Password Manager, you can do just that. Not only does our secure password manager keep all of your internet-based accounts secure with just one master password, but you can also access any number of passwords with a single authenticator and safely store and access your credit card information to purchase something over the internet or pay an online bill.

This article will discuss how a password management system works, the benefits of using a password manager and the features you can expect in Frontier’s secure password manager.

What can Frontier Password Manager do for me?

Frontier Password Manager can:

  • Create one master password to easily access all your passwords, usernames, and credit card details
  • Auto-generate strong passwords to help protect against online hacks
  • Review personalized password strength reports and update weak passwords
  • Auto-fill login information with just one click, no copy and paste needed
  • Store credit card details so you can auto-fill this information into online forms on demand
  • Work from nearly any of your supported devices (PC, Mac, iOS and Android)

What is a password manager?

A password manager is a software application that securely takes all of your passwords, usernames and information for the credit cards you use online and stores them in an encrypted database. Locked inside the secure password manager’s virtual encrypted vault, the only way to access this information is through one master password that only you have access to.

In cases of password sharing between family members, a password manager makes it easier to convey the master password to a trusted person.

Benefits of using Frontier Password Manager

Password management systems can save you time, keep your information secure and prevent the frustrations of being locked out of a site or app because of too many failed login attempts. If you’ve ever had your password hacked and your personal information compromised, you’re not alone. Most of us have dealt with these frustrations. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to prevent this from happening to you.

Frontier’s password management app can save you time, keep your passwords secure and even secure other information, like your credit card numbers. Some more benefits include:

Provides easy and secure access

With Frontier’s password manager, you only have to remember a single username and password to log in to websites and apps. Simply select the autofill feature to fill in your information any time you want to gain access to your online accounts. Our password management app makes secure online access easy.

Keeps all of your unique passwords secure

Frontier’s password manager can keep all the unique passwords stored within the app secure, so you can worry less about individuals hacking into your account and stealing your identity. This is because any would-be hackers will only get encrypted symbols that are nearly impossible to interpret without the master password to unlock the code.

Since the password manager stores all of your passwords, you won’t waste valuable time resetting individual passwords because you’re locked out of your account due to excessive login attempts.

Chooses highly secure passwords for you

The days of racking your brain for dozens of unique passwords that you somehow have to remember are over. A robust secure password management app like Frontier’s incorporates a password generator that creates unique, strong passwords for you, protecting your information from online hackers and conveniently storing them in your secure encrypted password account.

Syncs to multiple devices

Every time you sign up for access to a new app or website using the password management app, the new sites are synced via the internet and are immediately accessible through all of your supported desktop and mobile devices, including all Android, iOS, PC and macOS devices. There are no extra steps if you add or update credentials since the app provides automatic syncing via the internet to all of your supported devices.

Password Manager features

  • One master password: Easily access all your passwords, usernames, and credit card details with one master password.
  • 24/7 access: Access your login credentials anytime, anywhere on nearly any of your supported devices (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android).
  • Auto-generate strong passwords: Our password generator easily creates stronger, unique passwords to help protect against online hacks.
  • Analyze passwords: Review personalized password strength reports and update weak passwords.
  • Auto-fill logins: Auto-fill login information with just one click, no copy and paste needed.
  • Secured and accessible credit card information: Store credit card details so you can auto-fill this information into online forms on demand.
  • Cross-platform operations: Access your password manager on nearly any of your supported devices (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android).

Keep your passwords protected with Frontier

Frontier's secure Password Manager™ offers an easy user interface for everyone who works, plays, shops or banks online. With competitive pricing, unlimited customer support and the option to expand password management protection into a robust HomeShield Bundle that includes multi-device security and content anywhere, Frontier’s Password Manager is the clear choice for both Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS users seeking the best protection available.

Frontier does not warrant that the service will be error-free or uninterrupted. 1GB memory and internet access service and charges not included. Taxes, minimum system requirements, and other terms and conditions apply. Trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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