How to Install Computer Security Pro

When you order Computer Security Pro you'll receive an email with a subscription key and installation link.

  1. Click the installer link to download the installation package. It's helpful to choose to save the downloaded file to your desktop so it's easy to find.
  2. Click on any messages to confirm that you want to continue downloading the file.
  3. Double-click the downloaded installation file, check the warning, and click Run.
  4. Enter the username and password for your administrator account, and then click Yes. This starts the installation.
  5. Choose your preferred installation language from the menu and click Next.
  6. Read the license agreement carefully and click Accept.
  7. Enter your subscription key and click Next.
  8. Your installation will continue as soon as the subscription key is confirmed. Once all files are downloaded, click Next.
  9. The product will check your computer for any conflicting anti-virus software and remove it if necessary. Click Next.

    Tip: The feature that checks your computer for conflicting software is updated constantly, but it may not cover all possible products. If you have any conflicting anti-virus applications installed, we recommend that you remove them manually before you start installing Computer Security Pro.
  10. Once all updates are installed, click Close.
  11. Launch Computer Security Pro by clicking the icon in the system tray.
  1. Double-click the downloaded installation file. Mount the file and open the .mpkg file.
  2. When the Mac installer window appears, click Continue to start the installation.
  3. Read the license agreement carefully and click Agree.

    Tip: We strongly recommend that you always read the license agreement carefully, especially the sections concerning your privacy.
  4. Click Continue, then click Install.
  5. When prompted, enter your administrator password. If you do not have administrator rights, contact your administrator.
  6. Click Install Software.
  7. Once the installation is finished, click Continue.
  8. A new window will appear. Click Close.
  9. The product will not work fully until you enter your subscription key. Click Enter key to continue.
  10. Enter the subscription key you received by email. Click Set. The status icon turns green when your subscription is verified.
  11. Launch Computer Security Pro for Mac by clicking the F-Secure icon on the menu bar extras.
  1. Double-click the downloaded installation file.
  2. Choose your preferred installation language from the menu and click Next.
  3. Read the license agreement carefully and click Accept.
  4. Enter your subscription key and click Next.

    Note: You must enter the same subscription key that you used when you created the account.
  5. Select the installation type and click Next.

    Note: When you choose automatic installation the product is installed automatically, existing security products may be automatically replaced, and the product is installed to the default directory.
  6. When the installation is complete, click Finish.

    Note: When you choose step-by-step installation, you can change the installation directory. However, we recommend using the default directory.

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