Troubleshooting Computer Security Pro

Here are the answers to some common questions about Computer Security Pro.

  • To change the language in the Centralized Management Console, click the user name at the top right corner. Select the language you want from Language drop-down list on the Edit account page. Click Submit.
  • You can find the Microsoft Exchange parameters through the local web user interface—not the Centralized Management Console.
  • If you are asked for SQL information during the installation process, you probably entered the wrong type of subscription key. Go to the Subscriptions tab in the Centralized Management Console to see which type of subscription key is correct.
  • You can export information about your network computers on the Export data tab, under the Computers tab. The Reports tab will show you network computer information such as overall protection status, and status by each security component.
  • To use RSS feeds, see the program's User's Guide. Go to the Checking the system status chapter and look for Get Updates.
  • To download the software for Exchange, go to the Download the server software link in the Centralized Management Console.
  • Creating a security profile can help resolve individual users' needs. For example:
    • If a particular program slows down too much because of real time scanning operations, create a profile in which that program is excluded from scanning.
    • If network software such as a VPN client can't connect to the Internet with the default firewall rules, create a new security profile with specific firewall rules for the software.

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